Company Profile

  • mission

    To provide our customers with the best possible products so they may provide the best possible care ensuring value creation and business sustainability.

  • vision

    Being a national and international business reference adding value for customers, suppliers and employees.

  • values

    1 - Responsibility 2 - Commitment 3 - Coherence 4 - Honesty 5 - Transparency 6 - Respect 7 - Ethic

  • strategy

    Our strategy is built on the foundation of our corporate values and will drive our successful development in the coming years in order to achieve our long-term vision: to be able to continuously supply state-of-the-art technology and high level technical support, becoming a reference as a national supplier of quality products. The basis of our strategy is to line up the broadest and best product range so we may provide the adequate tools to fulfill all possible demands, assuring an always competitive position in the market.