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Breast Positioning

  • SaBella Flex

    SaBella Flex

    High precision system for lung and breast positioning. Its patented design - DualAxis™ - allows for a wider variety of placements, making this system more versatile when compared to conventional chest supports.
    Optimal head and slope positions can be easily achieved for more accurate and comfortable positioning. Wedge armrests (WingBoard effect), are variable between three different sizes and adjustable to different positions.

    • Dual Axis design:

    - Primary angulation axis (elevation between 0, 10, 15 and 20 degrees).
    - Secondary angulation axis (allowing positioning in hyper or hypo-extension of the chest).

    • Module for indexing vacuum cushions.
    • Lateral millimetric scale.



    • Vacuum Lock Module
    • Breast Support Module – BS24/BS32 LT-Thermoplastic 4-point Gen II type with handles
    • Gel Donut Module
    • Head & Neck Mask Module – H32 LT-Thermoplastic Split Frame Imobilization Mask

    H32 red

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    17 SaBella Flex Dual Axis Positioning Sol video  33 SaBella Flex Flex Arm Shoulder Posit video

  • Procline


    All-in-one solution for breast positioning in prone positioning, compatible with IMRT and VMAT treatments. Includes millimetric scale on the side of the contralateral breast. The unique, dual axis design allows for a much wider range of positions allowing you to maximize treatment options.

    It is differentiated by:

    • Integrating height adjustment into the support itself (between 16 and 24 cm in increments of 2 cm).
    • Allow the adjustment of the opening of the support (between 18 and 26 cm).
    • Allow tilt adjustment up to 10° allowing the apex of a patient’s chest to be accurately positioned at the lowest point to increase protection to heart, coronary artery and lung tissue. Also reduces the load and pressure placed on the contralateral breast in the prone position

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    31 ProCline Taking Prone Breast Posi video

  • Supine Breast System

    Supine Breast System

    The Klarity supine Breast Board comes as a complete system and includes two arms cups, two wrist cups, two hand posts, a removable head cup, adjustable bottom-stopper, and a KneeFix foam leg cushion. The embedded Fiducial markers allow for easy tracking of the spine in relation to the board. The Klarity Breast Board can also be used with the Klarity Channel Board for additional support.

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  • Prone-Pelvis System

    Prone-Pelvis System

    The Prone-Pelvis System is a complete prone treatment solution for increased patient comfort. The lightweight carbon fiber baseplate is easily transportable, and provides a secure base for the Klarity Foam Cushions. The system is compatible with Klarity Pelvic Masks, creating secure and comfortable immobilization. It is convertible between Breast Prone and Belly Board treatment positioning.

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