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Magnetic Ressonance

  • MRI Quality Assurance Phantom MHR

    MRI Quality Assurance Phantom MHR

    This QA phantom for MRI allows evaluation of slice thickness, spatial resolution, uniformity and geometric distortion as well as contrast

    ● Uniformity is maintained under the high magnetic field of 3.0 Tesla
    ● Uniformity provides high precision evaluation for other parameters
    ● Complies with NEMA and AAPM standards

    Evaluation Parameters
    ● Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)
    ● Image uniformity
    ● RF uniformity
    ● Spatial resolution
    ● Spatial linearity (image distortion)
    ● Slice thickness
    ● Slice position/separation
    ● Image contrast
    ● Image artifact

     Fantoma MHR de CQ para Ressonancia Magnetica 2

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