The SDX® spirometer is a respiratory control system for radiotherapy that ensures a reproducible positioning of the tumor mass (in imaging and treatment), thus limiting the irradiation of healthy tissues and organs.

Respiratory Gating System

  • SDX – Respiratory Gating System

    SDX – Respiratory Gating System

    SDX® is a voluntary breath hold system for managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion during imaging and radiation therapy.
    Ergonomic and equipped with intuitive software, which is easily handled by the Radiotherapy team, the SDX® System is the combination of a spirometer and video glasses (for the patient).

    • The medical team determines a reference volume of apnea that the patient will reproduce using the provided goggles.

    Thanks to the SDX® trolley, the system can be easily integrated into current radiotherapy simulation and treatment workflow, providing ready accessibility to the equipment and enhancing transportability between multiple simulation and treatment room configurations.

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    Lung, Liver and Left Breast Treatment
    The SDX® System’s unique ability to pair a patient’s inspiration rate and lung volume measurement with clear visual biofeedback makes it possible to maximize the stability of internal organs and the tumor treatment zone. This allows for increased dose to the tumor with decreased toxicity to vital organs.
    • Reduces tumor motion during imaging and treatment
    • Enhances tumor imaging and visualization
    • Reduces treatment margins
    • May allow increased dose with decreased toxicity to vital organs
    • Can reposition vital organs out of the high dose region

    SDX® with DIBH is a highly effective cardiac sparing technique to treat left- sided breast cancer. DIBH allows for the displacement of the heart during the isocenter planning process, thus allowing greater reduction in dose to the heart.


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