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Pelvis and abdomen



    Extremely light and fully radio-transparent Belly Board positioning system.
    It includes different modules for a customized positioning, a side-level reference scale and allows indexing onto CT, MRI and different treatment couches.

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  • Leg Positioner

    Leg Positioner

    The Klarity Leg Positioner is a comfortable and simple system for indexing the lower extremities. The complete set includes baseplate, leg support, two elevation blocks, foot cushion, and hand grips. Sturdy foam cushions reduce patient fatigue, and the angle of the feet is fully indexable and adjustable. The acrylic hand grips are a comfortable option for shoulder suppression, and the ball and socket locking feature allows for reproducible tension in 5cm increments.

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  • Duo Align™ System

    Duo Align™ System

    The Duo Align™ system is a unique patient positioning board that offers treatment options for head, head&shoulder, pelvic and full body support. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber, it is lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all U-Frame and O-Type masks. Additionally it can be purchased as individual pieces, or as a complete All-In-One system.

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    16 Klarity Duo Align Full Body System video