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Pre-Treatment QA

  • Delta<sup>4</sup> Phantom+

    Delta4 Phantom+

    A wireless system that offers accurate and efficient verification of your IMRT, VMAT and TomoTherapy plans. This is the only system that actually measures the dose distribution in the isocentric region. Featuring:

    • Integrated Wi-Fi and Battery operation keeps all cords away
    • New generation stable p-type detectors eliminates re-calibration
    • Easy to move from trolley to couch with no lifting required
    • Absolute dose also available with ion chamber

    The Delta4 Phantom+ is also available in Plastic Water® (a registered trademark of CIRS Inc), consistent with the dosimetry protocols TG-51 and TRS-398.

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  • Hexamotion


    The 6D Motion Platform uniquely uses the patient specific tumor motion pattern and replicates it in 6 dimensions enabling for dose verification in moving targets, dosimetric study of motion effect per patient’s structure and latency detection in the delivery system. With the HexaMotion 6D Platform you may also assess which patients will actually benefit from target motion management.

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  • IMSure QA Software

    IMSure QA Software

    Software for accurate and independent verification of monitor units, dose, and overall validity of standard, IMRT rotational or brachytherapy plans – no film, no phantoms, no linac time required.

    • Unprecedented accuracy from the patented "3-Source Model" algorithm, easy standard plan MU checks and comparative IMRT Plan QA.
    • Quickly confirm cone-based or MLC-based SRS plans including SRS arcs.

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  • RayFilm


    Complete 3D analysis of patient-specific IMRT, VMAT, RapidArc, CyberKnife and SRS QA. For thousands less, RayTM (Radiation Analyzer) includes advanced features not found in other film dosimetry software.

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