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  • Ultrasound Quality Assurance Phantom

    Ultrasound Quality Assurance Phantom

    Ultrasound QA Phantoms are designed for assessment and calibration of ultrasound probes and other devices. KYOTO KAGAKU original unique phantom material is stable and long-life and shows excellent homogeneous granular background reflection.

    Useful both for daily assessment and further research. Gray scale for contrast evaluation, cyst targets with non-resonance cylinders, line targets for geometrical evaluation, close range (dead zone) resolution, axial and angular resolution are prepared for scanning. The phantom is designed to allow scanning from all four side walls.

    Urethane elastomer, acryl, nylon

    Acoustic Features:

    • Sonic velocity: 1432m/sec at 25 degrees C
    • Rate of decrease: 0.59 dB/cm MHz at 25 degree C
    • Acoustic impedance: 1.38Rayl at 25 degree C


    Fantoma CQ Ultrassonografia red800

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