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Automation and Independent Checks

  • EZ Fluence

    EZ Fluence

    Automated 3D Planning
    EZFluence generates optimal fluence files and field-in-field plans that import directly into Varian Eclipse TPS and it works for any beam arrangement and any treatment site from head to toe. It standardizes field-in-field planning regardless of user while maintaining or improving plan quality compared to manual techniques

    • Any Site, Any Configuration
    • IMRT/VMAT to 3D Plan Conversion
    • Breast Planning
      • 3 & 4 Field Breast Planning
      • Simultaneous Integrated Boost
    • Lung Planning
    • Pelvis Planning
    • Whole Brain Field-in-Field
    • Extremeties & More:
      • Larynx
      • Shoulder
      • Hips
      • Ribs
      • APPA Spin

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    1002 The EZFluence Experience video

  • Clear Check

    Clear Check

    Automate your plan evaluation workflow
    ClearCheck ensures the highest quality treatment plans and helps clinics save time with in-depth plan checks, quick plan comparison, and instant documentation.

    • Seamless Eclipse™ Integration
    • One-Click Printing
    • Dose Constraints evaluation with BED and EQD2 doses
    • Structure Checks
    • Plan Checks
    • Prescription Checks
    • Collision Checks

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  • Clear Calc

    Clear Calc

    Independent calculation software
    Independent plan calculations can be a time consuming and error prone process as radiation oncology grows in complexity. ClearCalc efficiently validates plan accuracy. Eclipse users save time with direct plan import—eliminating the need to import/export plan data, and those without Eclipse can export DICOM files with the standalone option.

    • Integrated automation
    • Photon (Including support for 3DCRT, IMRT, VMAT, SBRT, SRS and virtual wedges)
    • Brachytherapy
    • Electron

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  • AutoContour


    Automated Ai Contouring Software

    AutoContour delivers fast, AI-driven, deep-learning contouring tools to your clinical workflow. The software automatically contours over 200 of the most common structures in just seconds while also generating any necessary planning volumes (expansions, booleans, crops,ring structures) to jumpstart the planning process.

    • Produces automatically high-quality contours with the possibility of using editing tools for easy revision and customization of structures
    • Integrates with Eclipse and ClearCheck for a built-in segmentation workflow, reducing time needed for the creation and revision of the structures
    • Generates additional planning structures like PTV, cropped structures and rings from the existing contours


    ac review



    • Deformable Registration
    • Manual / Automatic Rigid Registration
    • Compatible Modalities:
      • CT-CT
      • CT-MR
      • MR-MR
    • Structure Transfer
    • DICOM Standalone Import/Export

    ac registration

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    1001 The AutoContour Experience video