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Quality Assurance

  • SPECT QA Phantom JSP

    SPECT QA Phantom JSP

    For daily quality control in SPECT and PET imaging

    A set of test units for daily QA of SPECT/PET



    Evaluation Parameters

    • Uniformity
    • Spatial resolution
    • Dose linearity
    • Image distortion

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  • Myocardial Phantom HL

    Myocardial Phantom HL

    For the study of high radio accumulation interference in the liver with the myocardial SPECT images


    • Allows the study of RI liver intake and its effect on the myocardial SPECT
    • Cold defect can be set in the left cardiac muscle
    • Background can bbe set individually in lung field, mediastinum, and right ventricle


    • SPECT and CT

     Fantoma de miocardio HL 2

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  • PET/SPECT Thyroid Phantom AT

    PET/SPECT Thyroid Phantom AT

    Five kinds of thyroid with different capacities use for uptaking rate measurement


    • Anthropomorphic thyroid phantom simulates the absorption and scatter characteristics of human neck area that surrounds thyroid
    • For quality assurance of system for iodine uptake ratio test; scatter, attenuation, and sensitivity


    • SPECT, PET


    • Cervical vertebrae from C3 to C7
    • Thoracic vertebrae T1
    • Clavicle
    • Breastbone (half)
    • Thyroid (5 variations - 14.7ml, 16.7ml, 20.7ml, 30.2ml, 39ml)

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