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Vertual, is the leading provider of virtual reality training systems in radiation therapy. These systems are exceedingly beneficial for teachers, students, patients and all the staff involved in the process of treatment. Every system is custom-fit, matching each client needs and budget.

Virtual Radiotherapy System

  • VERT™


    VERT™ is a virtual environment of a radiotherapy treatment room. Through captivating 3D views and life size visualizations, VERT offers an excellent platform for supplying radiation therapy training to students and multidisciplinary team members:

    • A Linac available when you want to train.
    • Explain complex theoretical concepts and principles in a highly visual environment.
    • Discuss techniques seen in clinical practice and create treatment plans for peer review and debate.
    • Patient-centric 3D visualization of structures, dose, CT, and beams of your DICOM RT plans.
    • See inside the patient - improve understanding of spatial anatomy, cross-sectional anatomy and surface anatomy.
    • Teach using real pendant controls and touchscreen controls - students develop psycho-motor skills and become familiar with hand controls prior to clinical placement.
    • Provide a viable and engaging alternative to visitors and staff needing to see a Linac.

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  • Proton VERT™

    Proton VERT™

    Proton VERT simulates the important functions of the treatment machine and includes 3D visualisations of patient treatment plans (CT, structures, dose) displayed in situ on the machine, plus simulated beam delivery. Proton VERT is a machine available whenever needed, away from the busy clinical rooms.

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  • VERT™ Physics

    VERT™ Physics

    An effective and versatile package of simulated physics equipment and educational content, this module extends the capabilities of VERT to provide a comprehensive package for teaching Physics and Quality Assurance principles, procedures and typical equipment.

    • Detailed and faithful representation of real world equipment and processes.
    • Interactively set up realistic measurement equipment in the treatment room.
    • Demonstrate typical physicist workflow to all members of staff.

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  • PEARL™


    An innovative tool to explain radiation therapy. Communicate the different techniques, benefits and concepts of radiation therapy in a highly visual and compelling environment to patients; referring physicians and other healthcare professionals. Improve patient understanding, increase awareness of radiation therapy and build confidence.

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