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QA Online/InVivo

  • Delta<sup>4</sup> Discover

    Delta4 Discover

    An elegant detector that fits perfectly in the Gantry, the Delta4 Discover accurately monitors the dose that is delivered to the patient. It automatically compares the delivered dose with the planned dose and independently verifies: Monitor Units, MLC leaf position, Gantry and Collimator Angle and Patient position.
    The Ultra-thin Delta4 Discover detector uniquely gives you:

    • Maintained clearance.
    • Beam transparency: The attenuation is less than 1%.
    • Minimal skin dose: less than 1% additional skin dose.
    • Highest resolution: Verify the MLC leaf position with sub-millimeter accuracy.

    The system is easy to implement and doesn't require recommissioning.

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    4 ScandiDos Delta4 Discover video

  • Adaptivo


    Adaptivo gives you full insight into your patients' treatment at each fraction, improving your ability to adapt plans as needed. The software not only automates pre-treatment and exit dose delivery verification, but also uses the daily CBCT to provide automatic daily and cumulative 3D dose comparison with intended dose.

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    5 Adaptivo Patient Dosimetry video

  • LinacView


    Logfile analysis for every patient. Analyze machine performance for each fraction automatically with no impact on patient workflow. Quickly identify and resolve the root causes of machine delivery issues that can affect treatment quality. An interactive display compares a variety of beam parameters (up to 25 per second) with 0.01 mm accuracy for DynalogTM files, including:

    • Delivered and planned leaf
    • Jaw
    • Collimator and gantry positions
    • Monitor units
    • And more...

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    6 LinacView Introduction video