Interactive atlas of Radiological Anatomy, built to support organ and target delineation. It encompasses every part of the body except for the limbs.
This system aims to provide a new standard in radiotherapy care. Anatom-e incorporates treatment recommendations and radiation dose limits, as well as other pertinent information that can now be easily found encompassed in a single source.

Assisted Contouring and Segmentation

  • Verify


    Verify software’s express goal is to improve patient care with embedded treatment recommendations, neurological signs, radiation dose limitations, and other information pertinent to anatomical location which cannot be readily found in any one resource.

    Anatom-e Verify it’s not:

    • It is not a treatment planning system
    • It is not a contouring station
    • It is not Image fusion software


    • A digital atlas from the combination of 150 atlases, on 3mm axial CT or MRI in the treatment position.
    • Over 50,000 normal structures outlined for you
    • Over 150 protocols from most important international organizations (ASTRO, RTOG, ESTRO, EORTC, AJCC, etc), with more than 2000 possible combinations for different stages.
  • Anatom-e Radiology

    Anatom-e Radiology

    The Anatom-e System can be used for a variety of analysis tasks. The Anatom-e System incorporates a complete knowledge of imaging gamuts for CT and MR for the body and brain. If an abnormality is visible on a scan, the Radiologist can circle an area on a scan and find out everything the DAT says is inside that region. This can assist with diagnosis and understanding possible variation in patient anatomy. 

    The Anatom-e System has helpful tools to assist the Radiologist in fulfilling their role in the diagnostic and information processes. The Anatom-e System contains a set of drawing/annotation tools for creating annotations on the DAT or the patient scans so that information can be viewed later or elsewhere. In the event the Radiologist doesn’t want to read the entire set of text describing a particular piece of the body, the Anatom-e System can read it to them.

    With Anatom-e System you can make more accurate, informative and structured radiological reports!

    13 Introducing Anatom e Verify video

  • Universit-e


    Universit-e® is the perfect tool to teach contouring and establish a first contact with the patient’s route on a radiotherapy department, all this in an autonomous way that has been scientifically proven.

    Using this software, residents may choose the appropriate contouring guide for a specific case, understand the criteria for inclusion or exclusion of elective areas, learn the surrounding anatomy and walk through the entire process from the preliminary examination, through the entire course of treatment to the mitigation of side effects.