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  • SaBella Flex

    SaBella Flex

    High precision system for lung and breast positioning. Its patented design - DualAxis™ - allows for a wider variety of placements, making this system more versatile when compared to conventional chest supports.
    Optimal head and slope positions can be easily achieved for more accurate and comfortable positioning. Wedge armrests (WingBoard effect), are variable between three different sizes and adjustable to different positions.

    • Dual Axis design:
      • Primary angulation axis (elevation between 0, 10, 15 and 20 degrees).
      • Secondary angulation axis (allowing positioning in hyper or hypo-extension of the chest).
    • Module for indexing vacuum mattresses.
    • Millimetric scale at the side level.


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  • WingSpan™


    The Klarity Channel Board features secure arm support for upper body treatment and diagnostic procedures. The Channel Board comes with T-Hand Grips, and can be easily used with a vacuum bag for secure customizable support. It is comfortable and lightweight, and allows for easy transporting, indexing, and re-positioning, with low attenuation. The Klarity Channel Board can be used alone, or in conjunction with the Klarity Breast Board.

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  • Duo Align™ System

    Duo Align™ System

    The Duo Align™ system is a unique patient positioning board that offers treatment options for head, head&shoulder, pelvic and full body support. Made of strong and durable carbon fiber, it is lightweight, fully indexable, and compatible with all U-Frame and O-Type masks. Additionally it can be purchased as individual pieces, or as a complete All-In-One system.

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