Fast, accurate, and interactive treatment planning tools have made Pinnacle a leader in radiation treatment planning. With a reputation for performance, reliability and a flexible, intuitive planning environment that simplifies workflow, Pinnacle has become the product of choice of many leading cancer centers globally.
It offers, on a fully integrated platform, planning tools with Electrons, Photons and Protons, Stereotactic Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy, IMRT, VMAT and IMPT.

Planning System

  • Personalized Planning

    Personalized Planning

    Introducing the Personalized Planning concept!
    Pinnacle Evolution enables the development of advanced and customized plans, centered on the usage of protocol-based planning, state-of-the-art automatic optimization algorithms, and full integration with PlanIQTM Feasibility from Sun Nuclear.

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  • Pinnacle Proton Planning (IMPT)

    Pinnacle Proton Planning (IMPT)

    The proton planning module was developed to integrate Double Scattering and Uniform Scanning techniques with the conventional external radiotherapy planning process. Thus, it provides clinicians the chance to select the appropriate treatment options for the patient and do the work quickly through improved workflow.

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  • PDynamic Planning

    PDynamic Planning

    Provides fast assessment and re-planning tools to help monitor treatment efficacy and create new plans. Deformable Image Registration (DIR) maps corresponding image points between multiple CT and CBCT scans to improve accuracy in planning, evaluation and delivery.

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  • Multi-modality image registration (Syntegra)

    Multi-modality image registration (Syntegra)

    Syntegra promotes accuracy through the use of accelerated mutual information, cross-correlation and local-correlation algorithms. Automatically superimposes physiological data (such as PET) with anatomical data (such as CT or MR), eliminating the need for clinicians to manually identify and match the information.

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  • Auto-segmentation - Smart Probabilistic Image Contouring Engine (SPICE)

    Auto-segmentation - Smart Probabilistic Image Contouring Engine (SPICE)

    This highly-automated package generates contours for multiple patients or organs with minimal user intervention required - saving time while improving contouring consistency.

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  • Model-Based Segmentation (MBS)

    Model-Based Segmentation (MBS)

    Contouring of organs and anatomy is made easier with Model-based Segmentation. Just drag and drop anatomical templates onto patient image data. MBS automatically adapts it to fit your patient's organs, saving you precious time.

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  • Plataforma de computação centralizada e escalável

    Plataforma de computação centralizada e escalável

    O Pinnacle é disponibilizado em diferentes plataformas de hardware, todas elas escaláveis às necessidades e exigências de cada cliente. O sistema de planeamento está centralizado e é acessível de qualquer localização, ou até mesmo remotamente, a partir de qualquer PC ou MAC.


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